Cycling Skills & Tips To Improve Riding

Cycling skills can be one different level in each field whether its beginner or professional. It’s true once you learn to balance on two wheels while move yourself forward via pedals, wind going through your hairs and heart races with adventure. It’s a skill which is not going to forget quickly. By adopting cycling skills and tips you will not only earn greater appreciation but also improve your riding experience and get a better workout in process. Before you hit road, here are essentials of basic riding skills that everybody should learn and practice.

  1. Know Your Gears:- Your front gear are used to make the biggest shifts like when you approach a hill and need to get into easy gear fast. You may have two or three chain rings to choose, using small rings provide you easiest turnover on hill. You back gears are the fine-tuners. When you need to make pedaling easy these gears are good to use while riding.
  1. When Shifting Plan Further:- Watch terrain and look what gear’s you will need in different terrains. When you get to a hill, shift the gears before you reach there. Waiting too along cause’s pressure on chain and making it harder for the bike to shift properly. The best way to familiarize yourself with gears is to practice on different terrains and try to shift both front and back gears to see what they can do for you.
  1. Learn To Brake:- Rule of braking is to used both brakes equally, if you need to stop suddenly. The front brake provides you more stopping power that’s why you need to avoid use it commonly. If you apply front brake suddenly it will harm you. To brake safely, it’s good to press both brakes until you slow or come to your desire speed. Over gripping the rear brake gives you less stopping power and makes you tire to skid.
  1. Look Before Turns:- When heading into a turn, always look through the turn where you want to go, rather than into the middle of it. You bike will go where you are looking, so if you looking at the curb’s you are trying to avoid, you will definitely run into it. If you need to slow down going into the corner, brake before the turn rather than in the middle of your turn.
  1. Lean Your Bike, Not Your Body:- As you head into a turn push the handlebar and take a slightly turn so that your arms straightens a bit. This will automatically lean your bike into the turning position. At the same time keep your body upright and don’t lean your body with bike. Make sure your outside foot is pushing down hard to the pedals. This will ensure that you don’t drag your inside pedal or lean your bike too far.


  1. Position Yourself For Downhill:- Keep your weight over on saddles for downhill’s. If the falling is so sharp position your butt toward the back of the saddle to keep resistance on your rear wheel. Keep your focus in your front wheel so you can easily change directions and cross obstacles on roads. And also control your speed rather than hitting hard at last time.
  1. Be Smooth On Pedals:- Always think about turning circles with your pedals rather than pushing them down. This will help you to make your riding more efficient. 
  1. Keep Trying On Different Terrains:- You can easily improve your cycling skills by riding on different roads. It will help you to learn how to cross obstacles like pebbles, which will help when you are riding on roads with traffic or waste. 
  1. Be Alert In Traffic:- Always ride under thought that drivers don’t see you. Slow down at all crossings even if you are in a right way. Right as close to the right side of the road as safety possible, use arms signals, obey all the traffic signs and lights so drivers knows where you are heading too. 
  1. Use Clip-less Tires:-  Start using clip-less tires and avoid traditional clips and straps in pedals. It will help you cycling shoe fix on pedals easily. This transfers greatest amount of force from your legs to your pedals, pushing you forward with more power and efficiency.


After knowing the basic skills and tips it’s good know about some bike equipment’s will get you looking and feeling like a professional in no time.

  1. Bike Frames:- Bikes are usually comes in four materials- aluminum, carbon, titanium and steel. Aluminum is a economical light weight frame on other side carbon is very light and provide you smooth ride but they tend to be very expensive. Titanium is also very pricey but steel is inexpensive but at the same time it’s heavier than other kinds. If you are happy with your old bike stick with it otherwise tries different frame styles and materials before buying.
  1. Helmet:- A good helmet should fit well and make your head relatively cool. Look for good helmet which is easy to adjust and fit properly.
  1. Clothing:- Look for comfortable clothes which provide pedaling between you and your bike seat. Use short length shorts rather than to opt for long shorts which troubles your ride. Chose some technical fabric which soak moisture easily.
  1. Gloves:- Cycling gloves minimize impact and warm to your hands and protect them if you fall. It will provide you complete protection in some cooler conditions.
  1. Shoes:- Always chose right shoes which fix properly and provide you perfect grip while pedaling.


How To Choose A Road Bike

To selection a new road bike marginal difference & various color schemes. Bike should be light weight. How much speed, its accessories, There are so many question arise and doubts comes into our mind.

Which bike should I buy? It’s the question which answer is not easy. Set your budget & what color you like, which type of bike you like, its size.Firstly shortlist your bikes to search on Google.  Followings are the main things to consider before to buy a bicycle.

  1. Budget

First thing is budget on how much price you want to buy a bicycle. What is your maximum amount to buy a bike. So see bikes under this amount it’s the main theory.

  1. Type Of Road Bike

There are variety of geometries, brakes, gears, handle bar, frames. Choice is your what are the features you consider into your new bike and what kind of design do you need.

  1. Size of Bike

In road bike mainly 3 popular sizes are available so you have to decide first size of your bike. From 26,27.5,29 which size do you prefer for your bike.

  1. Color Of your Bike

What is your favorite bike color, this is the main thing to get your bike which color do you like most. Now a day’s matt colors are in trend.

  1. Weight

Weight plays a major role into your bike Price, As much as your bike weight is lighter it means its price is high. Currently bike weight 3 to 5 kg in general. It depends upon you and how much your pocket will allow you to buy.

  1. Wheels

Quality of wheels and brand to boost their profit of margins. Most of people think to make sense to possible wheels with your bike.

  1. Discount

Don’t go over discount just check your bike. Do ride on it and feel the ride so it’s the best way to select your bike.

  1. Service

One of the overlooked service because after buying bike it’s the basic thing which you need when your bike has some problem.

Tips To Avoid-Puncture

Puncture is common in urban cycling due to small pieces of glass or other on the road that works its way through the tire and punctures the tube.  Riding frequently around cities you can’t avoid punctures just by riding carefully and keep an eye on road. Puncture is the most disappointing thing of cycling for many bike riders. Then a question comes in mind that “If there is anything that can be done to help and avoid getting ones”.  The simple answer is, Yes it can be measured in several ways. Here are some of the tips which cyclist can use to reduce the chance of puncturing.

  1. Pump Up Your Tires

Every cyclist should have a track pump and should use it once in a weak to check air in their tires. On very smooth road a higher pressure will go better and faster. Heavier riders should have slightly more pressure. In winter or in wet weather the pressure should be reduced slightly to give a little more grip.

  1. Watch The Road

Stay alert towards, a pothole, stone or a piece of broken glass can ruin all the fun of ride. All of these can be avoided 90% of time, if you are looking for a safe and amazing ride. If you are in group it is very important to point them out to the riders behind you.

  1. Replace Tires When Worn Or Badly Cut

This probably the best way to help avoid punctures. Worn out tires grant people a series of multiple punctures. If your bike tires are worn out you greatly increase your chance of puncture. That also goes for tires that have bad cuts in them. It will surely give you regret at the worst possible time. Sometimes you will have a tire on for a week and then get a really bad cut in it. Don’t waste your time with it, just replace it.

  1. Check Your Tires

Once in a week, you must go through by your bike tires just to check them. That if there is anything stuck into it which caused puncture. Every bike rider must have its own puncture repair kit.

  1. Replace Inner Tubes Early

Inner tubes have a limited life. When you service your bike annually replace your inner tubes with fresh ones. Because if they cut or worn out, then it will surely give you uncomfortable ride which annoys you all time for your decision.

  1. Ensure Correctly Inflated Tires

If your tires are underinflated then you will surely taking a risk of pinching your inner tube and when you go over a pothole causing a puncture. Alternatively, over inflation will cause a massive blow out. A good rider must keep in mind the right inflation of tires and they are:

  • Road tires usually require 80 to 130 psi
  • Mountain bike tires usually 30 to 50 psi
  • Hybrid tires around 50 to 70 psi.

Pumping your tire up to the right pressure will let’s your bike roll quickly, ride smoothly and fend of flats.

  1. Consider Good Tires

Tires can be a personal thing. It your choice whether you want to opt for the expensive one or the cheap. Some tires brands have good grips but don’t have a long life while others have puncture less ride but they doesn’t give you smooth and comfortable ride. It’s good to use puncture resist or tube less tires.

  1. Don’t Ride In Rain

You might notice you get more flats in the rain. This is because rain acts as a lubricant and helps broken pieces of glass to go easily through the rubber of a tire. You also tend to find that waste from the gutter of the road. It’s that combination of rain and waste in the road that is the reason you tend to get more punctures in the winter.

If you want to get a full service for your bikes and want to enjoy trouble free ride, then feel free to contact us our Bike Studio franchise stores all over in India. They provide full service of bike and some useful tips for your daily ride.









Cycling benefits for specific health issues

Fat Control to burn calories:-It’s a common problem when your age is above 25 automatically weight has been increasing with some kind of problems. To stay fit & its need to control your metabolic rate, build muscles & burn extra body fat it’s all can be done with exercise.  Bike ride activity is a good and fastest way to reduce weight If you cycling daily for 1 an hour approximately 300 calories you can burn.

Diabetes :- Diabetes increasing become a serious issue for a person it can be reduce with cycling because it occurs lack of physical exercise. In a survey it proves that if a person cycling for 30 minutes then diabetes risk can 40% lower.Infinite Bike team member

Bone Injuries: – If may prevent fall & fractures. Riding a bike is a good exercise for bones it low impact into joints.

Mental Illness: – If a person under stress, Depression then after a regular bike riding he can come out that problem. Because it’s an entertaining activity which refreshing mind and reduce mental stress and depression.

Infinite Bike team member

For your foot, legs and ankles & knees cycling is much better than running:- If you recover from any injury or cycling give to legs moving and heart pumping without any pains in your joints which arise after running.

Ride a bicycle is a great way for you health and also for others health because its non polluted vehicle. Cycling depends upon your speed how fast you pedaling a bike.

bike cycle bicycle ride
bike cycle bicycle ride

Cholesterol Control:- Cycling is a better way to control your cholesterol level with regular cycling with sweating your cholesterol which is also known as bad fat utilize and has to control.

Live Longer:- According to study cycling is one of the best for increasing their longevity. Average life in general population 73 year and its increase 10 to 15 percent with cycling. Everyone should workout daily.

Feel Better:- Its surprisingly that exercise helps you improve your self esteem. Your body release a great feeling after cycling & you feel light.

Improve your heart: – Cycling is one of the best exercises for your heart. It control high bp problem and gives you a healthy and good health to your heart. Breath in a cool and fresh air gives you a long and fresh breath which is good for your all body.


Environmental Benefits of Cycling

One of the major concerns nowadays is our environment and there is a lot of focus on the problems with the environment. There are many reasons which contribute to the environmental problems we have seen today. One of the major environmental problems is the increasing of pollution, cars & motorbikes are a major source of it. Especially in big cities people are use to travel to work every day by cars or motorbike and it has a huge impact on environment. There is a way to help us all get out of this mess and make the environment much better to live and that is bicycling to work and the rest of the places sometimes.

Cycling is environment friendly as the mode of transport and doesn’t emit anything harmful that can affect the environment. On the other hand, motorized transport is noisy, reduces the air quality and adds to the Greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. Cycling can also reduce congestion and the journey also at times in urban areas. According to researches, it is found that people like to avoid stress and congestion, rather than getting into physical exercise. Now appeared to one of the important factors “Why people start taking up cycling?” It has also been found that cycling has increased the safety factor by 10%. It is believed that nowadays journal attitude of cycling are very positive. Cycling is considered to be very healthy, stress relieving and family activity.


Health professionals recommend, 30 minutes of physical activity each day for fit body and healthy mind. Riding to work, school, college or taking your bike on short trips is a practical way to incorporate regular exercise in your busy day. This is enough to maintain good health. Bike riding uses minimal amount of fuel and it is pollution free mode of transport. it also can be far less stressful than sitting in traffic for an hour or more. Bicycles are more affordable to run. While only 60% of the world’s population can afford a car, an estimated 90% of people can afford a bike. So, cycling is also beneficial for economic growth. Cycling shared facilities for pedestrians and people with disabilities by providing an increased network of paths and improved road crossings.

Cycling enables people to interact socially and feel more at home in their local community. More bikes is a safer road environment and children can also take advantage of slower and less dangerous traffic to do cycle as well. Bikes do less damage to road surfaces than cars. Bicycles offer door-to-door service because they can be parked in small place and closer to destinations than cars. They are often quicker than cars over short distances. Cycling conserves roadway and residential space, thereby providing opportunities for less cement and more plant life in urban areas.

LA-Sovereign Launched New Series Brave & Smart Under X-Bicycle Brand

LA-Sovereign is a well known brand of imported bikes in India. LA-Sovereign launched two new series in 2017 that is called Brave and Smart for youth. These cycles have been launched under X-Bicycle Brand. MTB bikes are a general purpose bike which makes for wide range of road conditions. It has typically straight handle-bar which gives a perfect grip and up right seating posture in MTB bikes. Fully optimize for urban riders with gearing and strong light weight frame. These bikes are thinner in tires and smooth on roads. All bikes are equipped with derailleur gears and front suspension fork which gives you a comfortable ride. It’s a great and affordable way to enjoy and also to stay fit. X-Bicycle Bikes are light weight sporty look attractive color, stylish design, extreme quality and fun to ride.

Are you looking for Multi-speed bikes under Rs. 15,000/- 18,000/- ??

Then Brave & Smart Series is the best option for you under MTB Bikes. Both series bikes come in three different sizes which are 26, 27.5,29.

Brave Series Multi-Speed

COLORS Blue Maroon Neon-Yellow
FRAME Alloy frame Alloy frame Alloy frame
FORK Suspension Fork With Alloy Crown Suspension Fork With Alloy Crown Suspension Fork                 With Alloy Crown
STEM Alloy Stem Alloy Stem Alloy Stem
BRAKES Front & Rear Disc Brakes Front & Rear Disc Brakes Front & Rear Disc Brakes
SHIFTERS Shimano Shifters Shimano Shifters Shimano Shifters
Speed 21 Speed 21 Speed 21 Speed
TIRES Wanda King Tires 26” Wanda King Tires 27.5” Wanda King Tires 29”
FENDERS Plastic Front & Rear With Kick Stand Plastic Front & Rear With Kick Stand Plastic Front & Rear With Kick Stand

Smart Multi-Speed

NAME SMART 26” SMART  27.5” SMART   29”
COLORS Neon-Yellow/black Blue/Black Orange/Black
FRAME Alloy frame Alloy frame Alloy frame
FORK Suspension Fork With Alloy Crown And MLO Suspension Fork With Alloy Crown And MLO Suspension Fork With Alloy Crown And MLO
STEM Alloy Stem Alloy Stem Alloy Stem
BRAKES Front & Rear Disc Brakes6 Front & Rear Disc Brakes Front & Rear Disc Brakes
SHIFTERS Shimano Shifters Shimano Shifters Shimano Shifters
Speed 21 Speed 21 Speed 21 Speed
Carterage BB Neco BB Neco BB Neco
TIRES Wanda King Tires 26” Wanda King Tires 27.5” Wanda King Tires 29”
FENDERS Plastic Front & Rear With Kick Stand Plastic Front & Rear  With Kick Stand Plastic Front & Rear  With Kick Stand

Above are the specifications of Brave and Smart series. Other than that both have stylish and attractive look and also have variety of colors. Bikes are easy to carry because they are very light weight and you can move easily from one place to other. They have adjustable saddle which you can adjust according to your height for comfortable ride. In both series have double wall alloy rims.

Brave and Smart series are both have front & rear disc brakes which give it more control on road. Brake levers are so smooth which provides bike to stop immediately. Bikes have suspension fork which provides comfortable ride. It helps us to ride on different path.

These bikes are available in our franchise stores now and you can buy it from easily. Our Stores are- Amravati, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ludhiana.

A bicycle made for two: Valentine’s Day cycling date ideas

Valentine’s day on Tuesday on this year & maybe it’s not be the most romantic in weekdays, But there is no excuse to celebrate it after office hours. Cycle may be the one idea for valentine’s day.  Couple can take a ride here at south city canal side. So it will be a pleasing and surprising ride ever.

Ebikes in der Wachau

Brush Up Your Cycling Skills:- Free cycle skills session which will help you a lot to build up your confidence & make you a good rider. So bike club’s trainer will give you a free session of bike ride skills where you can enhance your biking skills.

Foodies :-  It may still chilly in February, Here you can taste food in Airplane restaurant at verka milk plant or one other option is IREO Water Front where you can get pleasing atmosphere with its surrounding lush landscape have also attract visitors, especially photographers. An eye catching fountain which is 100 feet high in the night shows all sides of lake. Its major beauty of its soft rolling green grass running water channel & winding walkways.