We already know that ‘Cycling’ or ‘Bike Riding’ is good for health as well as good for fitness. But it has an intense effect on our brain.

Here, we have mentioned or explained some points, how it works?

  1. Prevent from depression:- No doubt, Cycling or Bike Riding exercise helps in maintaining a good mental health and provide prevention from depression. Its beneficial for brain or mental stability.
  2. Improve brain power:A Mountain riding helps in improving the brain power. Think about a typical ride and everything that goes through our head deliberately or inattentively. Its work like Sudoku. So we can say that cycling improves brain power.1313441_424421414
  3. Cool our mind:- Meditation and a good exercise helps in relaxing the mind. We feel better after all the stress and tensions.
  4. Make us friendlier:–  We need to socialize with other people. When people are stressed then they don’t want to do anything and it gives a bad effect on their self-confidence and self-esteem. So cycling is the best option to make friends and share your feelings with each other. We have an opportunity to get rid of all such things.

Bike riding make our way smarter. Through cycling, daily activities like stairs climbing become easier if we regularly follow the bike riding.

Here, In order to set up yourself for daily exercise like Bike Riding or Cycling, you need to do some important things:-

  • Always try to put your exercise clothes right over the alarm clock.
  • Carry your phone with you.
  • Track your riding.
  • Note down the distance covered.
  • Try to increase the distance level every day.

If you will do the same then it will automatically increase your happiness. Cycling is very cheap, enjoyable and fun loving activity. It’s good for environment as well.  To be fit and healthy, you need to be active. Riding your bike regularly is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health problems.

Cycling is very healthy that can be enjoyed by all age groups, from young children to older adults.





LA Cheetah Series Racing Road Bike

Bike Studio a franchise store available in all over India. We have so many stores in all over India Our Current stores are in

JaipurLudhianaChandigarhBhopal, HyderabadAmravati

Opening Soon In New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Thane, Lucknow

LA-Sovereign is a well known brand in imported bicycles in India. It is a first ever joint venture between Thailand and India. LA-Sovereign have a wide range of high-end Mountain, Geared, MTB, BMX, Kids and Road bicycles. It has a vast dealer network in India and also has a complete service backup along with its spare parts and accessories. LA-Sovereign has many bicycle categories like MTB Bike, HYBRID Bike, BMX bike, KIDS Bike, MTB Single speed.

Among the entire categories hybrid is one of them which is designed especially for youth because they like variety of colors and in cheetah bikes are available in different color combination like Grey/Red, Cream/Blue, Black/Gold, Red/Blue/Black.

Cheetah Bikes with thin tires make a fast ride called road bike also known as racing bike.It has  rigid fork. Cheetah bikes are made of Hi-tensile steel frame. It has double wall rim which increases its life line. It has MTB handle bar which make every turn of your ride easily. It has front disc and rear caliper brake which provide you better control on your bike.

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Available Frame Size:-  19″, 21″

Speed:- 7 Speed Shimano EF-51

Breaks: Front Zoom Disc Brake & Rear Caliper Brake

Fork: Rigid Fork

Rims: Alloy Double Wall Rims

Tire: 700c X 25c

Weight: 11.8 KG

Best way to Reduce your belly fat within few week by Aerobics & Cycling

Exercise Aerobics & weight which increase your intensity to reduce fat


1. If you want to reduce your overweight so it has to be needed to start exercise aerobics and weight training. Do stresses too much just relax your body every evening; Stress is playing a very vital role to make a person fat. Aerobics is the mostly used exercise to burn out extra fat out of the body.

2 (12).jpg
Bike Studio

Weight training is best for obese person so weight training & aerobics should both do to get best results.

Cycling is the most common practice & 100% working to reduce fat so soon

2.To reduce belly fat cycling is one of the extreme practice which gives you the mind blowing results within few weeks.  Cycling aerobic nature means you can easily burn fat with regular exercise. The lower intensive training burns much amount of fat as compare to High intensities.

3.Take a full rest at night so that you can get your full night sleep. Its also important to recover post exercise & to prevent injury.  If you take your dinner at night so it can harm your body because of more calories holds into your body.


4.Eat Right Food It’s a simple funda to reduce your weight just take less calories than you burn.  More calories deficit, is greater the fat loss. Be carefully to adjusting your diet take a full carbohydrates diet with whole grain items & lean protein, Avoid eating cheese, butter and sugary items.  Low Fat diet so there are lots of foods which has calories converts into fat after digestion.


Bike Studio showcasing international Bike inaugurated By Banjara Hills

In a bid make world class cycles available to cycle enthusiasts, the bike studio was opened in banjara hills, ranging from 5000 to 3 lakh. The studio offers cycles such as racing, riding, and options for kids and snow cycles. with the aim to set up 25 outlets in the country, Bike Studio has opened its sixth outlet in Hyderabad, which happens to be the first in south India. Besides fueling the desire for fitness among the youth, the showroom aims at taking cycling to the next level.


Corporate Vijayalakshmi inaugurated the showroom. “Fitness has now become a trend. People are taking up to bike over walking the recent past and bike studio offers many kinds of bikes depending on its utility. I am happy they have set up shop here in our city giving us the opportunity to take up cycling and stay fit. She said Franchise owner G, Rakesh Chowdhary said, Bike Studio aims at promoting cycling among people of all age groups. Apart from the wide range of cycles for children, youth and senior citizens, the showroom will also have a service area. This is part of the quality assurance of LA cycles, which manufactures cycles in Thailand.”

Nitin Ghai Franchise Manager India for bike studio said Hyderabad is the paradise of bicycle lovers, but for long they were deprived of international standard cycles and spares”


With rising pollution and exercise becoming nominal part of most people’s lives today. we’ve all been gripped by issues of the environment and health. In view of this trend, people have headed towards cycling as an answer. Cycling is the single best way to stay fit,
and at the same time contribute to keeping the environment clean.
Keeping this message of fitness and environment in mind Bhopal Bike Studio at Metro Plaza E-5 Area Colony, Opened on sunday by Retd IAS Officer Satya Prakash, Who is also a an cycling affcionado. Satya Prakash, supporting bicycle riding said,”The level of traffic on our roads is a big problem. I have run the green planet bicycle riders association now for ten years and have organised the Friday car free days. I bicycle twice a week to work. It is a recreation and a medium of adventure for many people, but is also good for commute, fitness and the environment”.
The franchise store of LA Sovereign aims to take cycling to another level and promote awareness about environmental protection and fitness.



Bike studio

offers range of MTBs, BMXs and road bikes. The store is the first to open in the Madhya pradesh and has bikes for all types of cycling preferences. The
range is huge, starting from 3-4 thousand and going up to 4 lakhs. Customers will also be able to take advantage of superb manufacturing of kids cycles and road bikes.
Bike studio will be and all-solutions store for its customers. They offer and impressive range of accessories and spares. They also plan to organise events to promote cycling & envornmental

Extreme Terrain:- 24000 RS Price

Tyre size 26″ x 4 Inch
weight 13 Killos
Aluminium Frame 7 speed cycle dual disc brake


Eco sport Fit Series
Price 18000 Rs
Tyre size 27.5 inch x 2inch
weight 12.3 killos
light aluminium frame, suspension disc break 21 speed gear


Feedback by Mr Varun Awasthi & Mr Nitin Ghai on Bike Studio launch, Bhopal

Surroundings by bicycle, Bicycle Ride PAU, South City

Get on your bike to discover and its heritage! On Sunday, August 21, the city of Punjab offers cycling output. This guided walk in groups, cycling, will be the opportunity to Ride the Bike Studio Ludhiana Group to Pakhowal Road, through the Ferozepur Road and PAU  its a 22km ride of South City.

Everyone enjoyed a lot any sport specially cycling in the morning refreshing you and give you a Freshness. The best exercise ever If you looking after fitness so its the best practice ever seen. So you can get a regular exercise in the morning and can get a fittest  body after some time.

Its a physical activity which works with your legs and burn your extra fat. So its a vehicle which burns fat give you a good body.

6 (2) 6 (3) 8

So here at bike studio Ludhiana we organize Bike Ride Event on Every Sunday. where everyone is welcome its open to all any one can join our Group of Cyclists. we target every route of Ludhiana under the range of 22 km in the city. so if you are fitness lover and interested to join us so we welcome you all.

Its health, wealth, and wise idea. Give us a Good body, Burn our extra fat, No pollution for good for Humans, Plant Trees, Ride Bike these all are good habits so everyone should do these good things in their life.

Bike Studio Ludhiana

Bikes Under 10000 Price Range in India

Cycling in the morning is the best exercise for health. Any one can easily afford a bicycle and can ride daily in the morning to live a healthy life. Its the best mantra for the life stay fit and healthy.

Exercise in routine is a good practice toward a healthy life stay fit and young with. so sovereign is the bicycle name from last few decades in Indian market which gives you shining and stunning models of Imported bikes. Now bike studio is the showroom for all bikes brands like x-bicycle, la-sovereign, Infinite.


Where quality matters best in industry.  Are you like to ride a bike if yes just visit our bike studio shop to check our selection of bikes from low to higher range of bicycles. Pick anyone from all models and styles. Best part of our cycle is its quality, durability, look, price.

we have a so many choices under 10000 under 20000 to 3 lac. so its up to you what are you looking for and what is your budget. Every range is available at our store.  Latest colors and designs with hi-tensile frame in different sizes.

X Bicycle GOLEME