Bicycle Rental Service with Application Launched by OLA in India

Ola pedal starts IIT Kanpur campus their first Cycle-Sharing Project. Now you have seen lot of more cycling from last visit. By Kanpur experiment company plans to target more college campuses in future days.  Target is College campus and Residential colonies.

Ola given a statement that its aim to boost up various campus activities “superior  technology  availability to book on same app” Resultant resolve many issues like pollution and Congestion.


Ola is not a first company to commercial initiatives zoomcar and yulu are also in the same field.

India’s first cycle sharing service was offered by zoomcar,  a cycle rental service to self drive launched a application called PEDL in October in this year.

The company has initiated an enterprise involving more than 3,000 cycles in Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai. It offers cycle sharing services in many residential societies, corporate office parks, universities, and select layouts.

Another enterprise has been Yulu, launched recently in Bengaluru by Amit Gupta, co-founder of InMobi. Using the Yulu App, you can find out the nearest available bicycle, and unlock it using a QR code. It will enable you to pick up your bike from the nearest point, even as your money gets deducted from the digital wallet in the Yulu App.

Initiatives galore

Interestingly, in the age of big-buck motor cars, cycling appears to be increasingly adopted as a refreshing alternative. The cycle is a green, environment-friendly, sustainable, cheap, space-saving and user-friendly alternative that is already pedaling in around 1,000 cities around the world and enhancing a sinking globe’s hopes for a friendlier future.

Sathya Sankaran, co-founder of Bengaluru’s civic NGO Praja RAAG referenced Shanghai, which has one lakh cycles in its public bicycle system, pointing out that it is crucial to “flood” the city with cycles.

However, while Ola may probably be the most ‘visible’ brand name right now due to its cab-and-autorickshaw hail-rental image, it certainly isn’t the first or only cycling initiative in the country. Apart from private players, several government enterprises have also set the pedal rolling in various cities across the nation.


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been running a cycle rental service at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro station since 2009. It has teamed up with ‘Greenolution’ to facilitate last mile connectivity. The facility was later extended to Pragati Maidan, Patel Chowk and Indraprastha stations. Commuters wishing to avail the service must fill in easy forms that can be collected from cycle shelters or downloaded from and provide photo proofs of their identity.

DMRC also launched its first software-based ‘Public Bicycle Sharing scheme (PBS)’ in January, 2015. It enabled cyclists to borrow cycles from residential areas and pedal up to the nearest Metro station as well as back. With rechargeable smart cards, the riders get easy access. The first facility was inaugurated at the Saket Metro station, and Neb Sarai and bicycle rental shelters were also opened at Hauz Khas and Akshardham Metro stations.

Trin-Trin in Mysuru

‘Heritage’ City Mysuru was the first to adopt a Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) at the city-level with a very pleasant name – ‘Trin-Trin – Pedal with Pride’.

There are 450 bicycles, 20 of them geared, that can be borrowed from 48 automated docking stations at a number of tourist spots, universities and offices. Users can own a smart card to borrow a cycle from one station and return it at another spot. The user fee is deducted from the card.

Jointly funded by the World Bank, the Global Environmental Fund and the state Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), the bicycles are owned by the Mysuru City Corporation but the programme is operated by Green Wheel Ride, the manufacturer of eco-friendly bicycles that is hoping to net a number of commuters.

Bengaluru plan

Bengaluru, too, plans to initiate a similar cycling enterprise in Karnataka. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and DULT plan to start a public bicycle-sharing system, along the lines of the Trin Trin project; according to a media report, the city will see almost 6000 bicycles interwoven around 350 unmanned docking stations in the central business district as well as metro stations.The project is estimated to cost about Rs 80.18 crore. The infrastructure and dedicated cycling tracks will be developed after the regions are identified by the officials in about eight to ten months.


The cycle initiative was started in Bhopal with more than 500 bicycles in June this year. This was publicised as India’s first fully automated bicycle sharing programme and was soon extended to include 12 kms of tracks across 50 locations.

Just one phone app can enable commuters to hire a bicycle here. They just have to register, ask for a custom plan and pay up. The costs worked out to more than Rs 7 crore at a public-private partnership model. Rs 3 crore was generated through the Smart City Mission’s funds, while a private company agreed to meet other expenses.

Cyclo, Jaipur

Last October, Cyclo, the Jaipur Smart City Ltd (JSCL) public bicycle sharing scheme went through at an estimated cost of Rs 5.5 lakh per docking station, and a total cost of Rs 1.10 crore. While it has been initially launched in two locations, Jawahar Circle and Ram Niwas Bagh, it is expected to spread out to 20 locations in phases. If you want to rent a bicycle from one designated docking station and return it to another, you can do so at a nominal rate of just Rs 10 per hour. About 20 cycles are available at each station. You just need to show some proof of identity and fill out a form.

Hyderabad Cycling Club

Just a week ago, as the Hyderabad metro rail was inaugurated, the Hyderabad Cycle system started to fall in place too. As the first set of cycles were lined up at Miyapur metro station, a smart bike station was set up on the pathway between the HMR Pylon and the lift. The number of blue bikes parked in a row at Miyapur are armed with unique numbers, a carriage in the front for luggage and GPS fittings to sensitise the commuters.

You can gear up to ride the all-new geared smart bikes once the bike stations have come up. In order to take advantage of this service, you have to become a member of of the Hyderabad Cycling Club.



Individual initiatives – Namma Cycle and Kerberon Automation

As far back as 2012, the Namma Cycle initiative began with only some inputs from BBMP, BESCOM and Imagine Bangalore in the IISc campus. However, the project did not expand much, mainly because it was still new and did not have enough supporters.

Namma Cycle was piloted by software engineer-turned-consultant Murali Ramanath. He explained that their initial investment was about Rs 45 lakh, which was required just to pay the salaries of hired staff and other overheads. However, they could not manage to break even, Murali said. Yet, he has not given up and is trying to drive his vision through to the end.

Another green startup was Kerberon Automation that began with a bicycle sharing system called ATCAG (Automated Tracking and Control of Green Assets). It is a concept that automatically enables the user to hire as well as return bicycles electromechanically, based on digital authentication via Contact-less Smart Cards.

With nine cycles at three locations currently in Bengaluru, the initiative is run in association with the BBMP and DULT. The automated system has reduced waiting time as well as human intervention and helps to give access to commuters through three docking stations.

Is Ola Pedal special?

Among private commercial initiatives, the Ola cycle pool services, or ‘Pedal’ seems to be an interesting initiative, involving a student community and a commercial company. It has had a trial period of a month or two. Going for rent is easy and quick, just like booking an Ola ride through the app. Just enter a unique code and unravel the lock combination. Then drop it off at the nearest Ola parking and pay its nominal fares..

By the end of the week, OLA will launch its second phase with 400-600 cycles in several cities. The company claims to be ‘unique’ due to its ‘superior technology and sophistication,’ with GPS, QR codes, smart locks and better security features.

Will private initiatives pioneer non-motorised transport?

With the expanding cycle chains promised by Ola, Zoomcar and Yulu, hopes are high that cycling alternatives will catch on quickly.

So what could be the biggest challenges for these initiatives in the cities? A strange one – theft! Wukong in China had to close after 90% of its cycles were robbed in just a few months. In our second most populous country in the world, theft is a real possibility too. So will the companies be able to sustain their initiatives?

Secondly, the dense traffic as well as heavy pollution on the roads make cycle navigation vulnerable and difficult. Would the cycles be able to overcome the odds and ride through?

It is not unreasonable to hope that commercial enterprises such as Ola and the like would be able to anticipate and overcome the challenges of theft, pollution and density. After all, Ola has successfully designed speedy and reasonably-priced solutions for cars, autos and shuttle buses; why would cycles be behind?

The tech-enabled bicycle sharing service, which the company claims is India’s first, will provide the service at a charge of ₹10 for 30 minutes.

After months of planning and testing, the company started the service with about 500 bicycles across three cities – Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. It plans to have bicycles at every 50 to 100 meters in the cities that it has established its presence. The company eventually plans on having at least 10,000 cycles on the road by the end of this year.

The service can be used for short trips around the city, and local use cases such as grocery shopping, errand running, and last mile commuting.

The bicycles that are offered by the company comes equipped with real-time GPS tracking, solar battery charging and built-in alarms. They also have custom designed aluminium alloy frames and drum brakes, anti-slip chains, airless solid tyres and height adjustable seats.

Zoomcar is hoping that bicycle rentals end up having a greater impact on Indian users than what was witnessed in China. While many bicycle companies offer their users a model where they can drop a bicycle anywhere and it gets automatically locked, Pedl is planning to have drop points where bicycles can be easily parked.

The process of using the service is simple. You go to a PEDL location, pay via Paytm, and drop the cycle off when done at any of the PEDL locations. Zoomcar is expecting to cross 10,000 cycles on road in 2017, with larger expansion plans to follow in 2018.

Expansion plans
At full scale, Zoomcar envisions a host location every 50-100 metres, eventually covering all major Indian cities with a million cycles. That, Moran said, will make cycle-sharing as large a business as its flagship car rental, or even bigger. He did not mention any additional cost in terms of people or technology for the new business. “It is paper-free and free of human intervention. We just plugged it into our existing technology platform,” he explained.

The only spend is the cost of procuring cycles. Unlike in the car rental business, where the company either leases vehicles or runs a marketplace model, it owns the assets in cycle-sharing. However, Zoomcar estimates that it will cover the procurement cost in two months, given it started making operational profit from day one.

While the cycle-on-demand business is not even nascent in India, it has already spawned a couple of billion-dollar startups in neighbouring China. Cycle-sharing startups Mobike and Ofo have raised $900 million and $700 million, respectively and, along with their smaller peers, they populate Chinese streets with 21 million cycles.

Moran acknowledges they might enter India soon, but that doesn’t unsettle him. “They have a limited history of operating abroad. Both will together have well under 100,000 cycles internationally,” he said.

Another potential entrant is homegrown unicorn Ola, which is already into car, bus and bike aggregation, and is flush with funds after raising a $1.1 billion round led by China’s Tencent. It is now preparing for a major foray into electric mobility.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they enter. I hope they do,” Moran said. He feels the entry of more players will make this virgin market a robust ecosystem.

With the government push on cycle-sharing, he sees it emerging as a popular transit option over the short term.

Several cities, including Chandigarh, Ujjain and Bhopal, have called for tenders to build a bicycle-sharing system under the Smart City scheme. Thanks to measures like these, Moran feels the market’s dynamics are set to be altered in the next six months.

That said, challenges remain. Barring a few stretches here and there, most Indian cities are not cyclist-friendly, and building long, dedicated cycle tracks in space-constrained cities won’t be easy. Riding cycles through busy traffic lanes may raise safety concerns, too.


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We already know that ‘Cycling’ or ‘Bike Riding’ is good for health as well as good for fitness. But it has an intense effect on our brain.

Here, we have mentioned or explained some points, how it works?

  1. Prevent from depression:- No doubt, Cycling or Bike Riding exercise helps in maintaining a good mental health and provide prevention from depression. Its beneficial for brain or mental stability.
  2. Improve brain power:A Mountain riding helps in improving the brain power. Think about a typical ride and everything that goes through our head deliberately or inattentively. Its work like Sudoku. So we can say that cycling improves brain power.1313441_424421414
  3. Cool our mind:- Meditation and a good exercise helps in relaxing the mind. We feel better after all the stress and tensions.
  4. Make us friendlier:–  We need to socialize with other people. When people are stressed then they don’t want to do anything and it gives a bad effect on their self-confidence and self-esteem. So cycling is the best option to make friends and share your feelings with each other. We have an opportunity to get rid of all such things.

Bike riding make our way smarter. Through cycling, daily activities like stairs climbing become easier if we regularly follow the bike riding.

Here, In order to set up yourself for daily exercise like Bike Riding or Cycling, you need to do some important things:-

  • Always try to put your exercise clothes right over the alarm clock.
  • Carry your phone with you.
  • Track your riding.
  • Note down the distance covered.
  • Try to increase the distance level every day.

If you will do the same then it will automatically increase your happiness. Cycling is very cheap, enjoyable and fun loving activity. It’s good for environment as well.  To be fit and healthy, you need to be active. Riding your bike regularly is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health problems.

Cycling is very healthy that can be enjoyed by all age groups, from young children to older adults.





Bike Riding is good for health or it’s a good form of exercise, we can say that. We can ride a bike anytime at anywhere when we want. It is comparatively inexpensive activity. it helps in increase the strength of muscles and tone of legs. Cycling also helps in increase the cardio respiratory function and burns calories in large amount. Cycling is related to an aerobic activity. Bike Riding helps in reducing the weight also. As at any stage of age, we can do a bike ride. There is no age limit for the bike riding. It provides all round fitness. Your hurt and lungs will get the solid workout which helps in improving the fitness level. Bike riding helps in reducing the heart diseases. When your heart and lungs will got stronger then you will be able to more efficient to transport the oxygen around the whole body.  It also helps in reducing the blood fat level and blood pressure.



You will get the deep sleep after a long Bike ride. Bike riding helps in improve the glow of the face. We look more younger then our actual age. It helps in reducing the wrinkles and also helps in increasing the healing process.

Bike riding helps in creating an ideal environment. It helps in increasing the brain power. Cycling helps in building the new brain cells in the hippocampus. Cycling helps in increasing the blood flow in the brain and in the whole body.

Bike riding is a family activity which family can do together. It helps in creating the creative mind. It also helps in make the creative breakthroughs. Cycling boost the bellows. Bike riding develop a positive addiction and get rid of other negative addictions like cigarettes, alcohol and so on. While cycling, you can spend a good time with your partner. Through cycling we will be fit into our daily routine by riding at school, park and work.


Cycling helps in improving our ability to remember information and ability to concentrate.

Here, some points related to the Cycling exercise—

  1. Bike riding saves money.
  2. Cycling can actually make us smarter.
  3. It’s much safer than we think.
  4. Bike riding is becoming easier every year
  5. Bike riding helps in cleaning the environment too.
  6. Reducing the stress at home.

Based on everything, we can conclude that ‘BIKE RIDING’ or ‘CYCLING’ is a very good exercise.


There is no doubt, cyclists lead extreme lifestyles. Regular bike riding is a sign of good health and long life. Whether you pedal regularly, your blood circulation and stamina boost up. Bike riding is essential for every person as like other exercises. Bike riding is same for all like old age persons, adults, kids and so on. There is no any cause of cycling. We have discussed various benefits as under.

Cyclists are always  teach us about the principal of  happier and healthier life.

  1. The shape of the cyclists are really good

It should come as no amazement that a dedicated cyclist is bound to be one of the fittest people around.  One hour is sufficient to reduce 500 and above calories and its only possible when you are regularly go for a bike ride. It’s an outstanding  way to get your heart rate up that are very effective for old aged and matured persons.

  1. Cyclists know that self-sufficiency gets good results and benefits

Cyclists need to be more self-sufficient. Only then they can run a long life bike ride. Their knowledge will also grow. There is lot of benefits after attempted this quality. Being a self-sufficient, you will become a hard worker and dedicated. Being self-sufficient is one of the biggest thing, a cyclist believe in.

Below are mentioned some benefits:-

  • You don’t depend on others for such things who make you happy and satisfied.
  • Self-sufficient is the key of stable comfort. Self-sufficient people always recover the negative point from the wrong events  and try to convert in positive.

    1 (1)

  1. Attentiveness for choosing the sport for yourself

Now you are ready to buy a cycle and ready to go for a ride. Fortunately, it’s easier to start cycling as you think. But need to aware about some important points.

Here we have mentioned some tips:-

  • Try to Know the cost- When buying a bike, try to spend money anywhere. The cheaper bike has  generally the heavier  frame and the wheels. The weight may not matter quite as much for someone who wants to shuttle as it will be for someone planning a cross-country cycling vacation.
  • Always Invest in some biking-specific clothing– “Good-quality of bike and a comfortable helmet, accessories and gloves will do more for your enjoyment of cycling than anything else. You will definitely enjoy your riding Always try to invest in such things. “Cycling jerseys are designed to wick moisture and carry other essentials for your ride — like a cell phone, keys and food.”
  • Always be prepared-   Always carrying a patch kit to fix a flat, along with a way to pump air back into the mended tire, identification, a cell phone, a credit card and some cash in case of emergencies. You should be prepared for any kind of situations.
  • Try to build up  longer distances Unfortunately, you can’t hope on your bike and pedal hundreds of miles. It takes time and enough of riding to be able to cover serious ground. It’s a bit like anything; start slow and build up. Once you have start cycling, then it will be easy for you  to become a fit and fine person.
  • Cross-train– New riders always build strength and flexibility with yoga and Pilates.  These additional activities always  help in increasing training, they’re more like bonuses — Pilates and yoga can’t really replace the real deal. There’s nothing absolutely like cycling to prepare you for cycling.