Bike Riding is good for health or it’s a good form of exercise, we can say that. We can ride a bike anytime at anywhere when we want. It is comparatively inexpensive activity. it helps in increase the strength of muscles and tone of legs. Cycling also helps in increase the cardio respiratory function and burns calories in large amount. Cycling is related to an aerobic activity. Bike Riding helps in reducing the weight also. As at any stage of age, we can do a bike ride. There is no age limit for the bike riding. It provides all round fitness. Your hurt and lungs will get the solid workout which helps in improving the fitness level. Bike riding helps in reducing the heart diseases. When your heart and lungs will got stronger then you will be able to more efficient to transport the oxygen around the whole body.  It also helps in reducing the blood fat level and blood pressure.



You will get the deep sleep after a long Bike ride. Bike riding helps in improve the glow of the face. We look more younger then our actual age. It helps in reducing the wrinkles and also helps in increasing the healing process.

Bike riding helps in creating an ideal environment. It helps in increasing the brain power. Cycling helps in building the new brain cells in the hippocampus. Cycling helps in increasing the blood flow in the brain and in the whole body.

Bike riding is a family activity which family can do together. It helps in creating the creative mind. It also helps in make the creative breakthroughs. Cycling boost the bellows. Bike riding develop a positive addiction and get rid of other negative addictions like cigarettes, alcohol and so on. While cycling, you can spend a good time with your partner. Through cycling we will be fit into our daily routine by riding at school, park and work.


Cycling helps in improving our ability to remember information and ability to concentrate.

Here, some points related to the Cycling exercise—

  1. Bike riding saves money.
  2. Cycling can actually make us smarter.
  3. It’s much safer than we think.
  4. Bike riding is becoming easier every year
  5. Bike riding helps in cleaning the environment too.
  6. Reducing the stress at home.

Based on everything, we can conclude that ‘BIKE RIDING’ or ‘CYCLING’ is a very good exercise.


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