How To Choose A Road Bike

To selection a new road bike marginal difference & various color schemes. Bike should be light weight. How much speed, its accessories, There are so many question arise and doubts comes into our mind.

Which bike should I buy? It’s the question which answer is not easy. Set your budget & what color you like, which type of bike you like, its size.Firstly shortlist your bikes to search on Google.  Followings are the main things to consider before to buy a bicycle.

  1. Budget

First thing is budget on how much price you want to buy a bicycle. What is your maximum amount to buy a bike. So see bikes under this amount it’s the main theory.

  1. Type Of Road Bike

There are variety of geometries, brakes, gears, handle bar, frames. Choice is your what are the features you consider into your new bike and what kind of design do you need.

  1. Size of Bike

In road bike mainly 3 popular sizes are available so you have to decide first size of your bike. From 26,27.5,29 which size do you prefer for your bike.

  1. Color Of your Bike

What is your favorite bike color, this is the main thing to get your bike which color do you like most. Now a day’s matt colors are in trend.

  1. Weight

Weight plays a major role into your bike Price, As much as your bike weight is lighter it means its price is high. Currently bike weight 3 to 5 kg in general. It depends upon you and how much your pocket will allow you to buy.

  1. Wheels

Quality of wheels and brand to boost their profit of margins. Most of people think to make sense to possible wheels with your bike.

  1. Discount

Don’t go over discount just check your bike. Do ride on it and feel the ride so it’s the best way to select your bike.

  1. Service

One of the overlooked service because after buying bike it’s the basic thing which you need when your bike has some problem.


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