Environmental Benefits of Cycling

One of the major concerns nowadays is our environment and there is a lot of focus on the problems with the environment. There are many reasons which contribute to the environmental problems we have seen today. One of the major environmental problems is the increasing of pollution, cars & motorbikes are a major source of it. Especially in big cities people are use to travel to work every day by cars or motorbike and it has a huge impact on environment. There is a way to help us all get out of this mess and make the environment much better to live and that is bicycling to work and the rest of the places sometimes.

Cycling is environment friendly as the mode of transport and doesn’t emit anything harmful that can affect the environment. On the other hand, motorized transport is noisy, reduces the air quality and adds to the Greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. Cycling can also reduce congestion and the journey also at times in urban areas. According to researches, it is found that people like to avoid stress and congestion, rather than getting into physical exercise. Now appeared to one of the important factors “Why people start taking up cycling?” It has also been found that cycling has increased the safety factor by 10%. It is believed that nowadays journal attitude of cycling are very positive. Cycling is considered to be very healthy, stress relieving and family activity.


Health professionals recommend, 30 minutes of physical activity each day for fit body and healthy mind. Riding to work, school, college or taking your bike on short trips is a practical way to incorporate regular exercise in your busy day. This is enough to maintain good health. Bike riding uses minimal amount of fuel and it is pollution free mode of transport. it also can be far less stressful than sitting in traffic for an hour or more. Bicycles are more affordable to run. While only 60% of the world’s population can afford a car, an estimated 90% of people can afford a bike. So, cycling is also beneficial for economic growth. Cycling shared facilities for pedestrians and people with disabilities by providing an increased network of paths and improved road crossings.

Cycling enables people to interact socially and feel more at home in their local community. More bikes is a safer road environment and children can also take advantage of slower and less dangerous traffic to do cycle as well. Bikes do less damage to road surfaces than cars. Bicycles offer door-to-door service because they can be parked in small place and closer to destinations than cars. They are often quicker than cars over short distances. Cycling conserves roadway and residential space, thereby providing opportunities for less cement and more plant life in urban areas.


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