cycling has developed in recent years a new trend of consumption, environmentally friendly means such factual alternatives of urban and suburban mobility.

The bike is aimed at a specific target audience consists of people who like to combine the pleasure of the journey to the experience of the cyclical path, example of virtuous and responsible tourism but also complex in its operation and organization. Here’s some helpful advice to take into serious consideration before you leave for a trekking route.

How to choose the right destination

Inevitably, the needs of cyclists vary according to the experience and skills of the latter. Indispensable, irrespective of this, is the choice of a properly-equipped structure for rider comfort, therefore, it is good to select a location able to guarantee the housing of the bike (or his hire), an efficient reloading point, the proximity to bike paths suited to their expectations. The advice is to move towards those locations that offer more alternative route and with different levels of difficulty. Thus, it will be possible to modulate the efforts in relation to the form of state or people who choose to join the excursion and change the paths by the day, increasing the difficulty as you become more familiar with the characteristics of the place.

Alternative tour operators

Another smart move is to contact the sector tour operators asking information on the places and the recommended routes, as well as the proposed tariffs. Whether you choose to rely on an organized holiday or not, you will in any case acquire new information and get an idea of the budget to be allocated to the enterprise cycling, exploring more options in no time. The organized trip is a very valuable solution especially for beginners cycling: careful because ride the bike for a long time does not make you expert cyclists as part of the BIKE requires skills and experiences different from those required in a cycling enthusiast and you have to do with trip planning, identification of staging points, the definition of the necessary equipment, from bag to puncture repair kit in case of puncture, etc.


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