Essentials Of Cycling

Quite possibly, a million good reasons to ride a bicycle exist.

Stay Fit

Cycling is one of the best kinds of exercise to keep you fit. Cycling always increases the heart rate, and you can know how much your heart works simply by how fast you go or the kind of cycling you do. After you ride bicycle for a while, you will find you can do certain things more easily — maybe ride over a hill or chase after someone on a road bike. You will be less out of breath and do not feel so tired after such activities. These changes come about as a result of strong heart, deliver more oxygen-filled blood with each beat and muscles will also grow. Now you can do more work.

Being fit gives you both mental and physical confidence. It makes you feel good. When you get fit, you can feel proud of the efforts you’ve made and the level of fitness you’ve achieved, you feel more in control and your body is able to relax more when you’re resting. You keep feeling better all the time and all you have to do to get this feeling is ride your bicycle.

Become An Environmental Champion

Car travel accounts for nearly 60% of all the greenhouse gas release by transport, a figure that could easily be reduced. 70 % of people made all the journeys by car. Almost all of them could be replaced by a bicycle (bike) ride. With many unnecessary and unpleasant diseases that makes traffic pollution more than twice as deadly as traffic accidents. People in built-up areas bear the impact of this.

Air pollution also has a huge effect on plant life everywhere. Pollution damages the cell structure of leaves, restricts photosynthesis and harms crops.

Park with Ease

People who drive to work often complain about the difficulty of finding somewhere to leave their cars all day. One of the wonderful things about travelling by bicycle is the very easy way to go anywhere without any difficulty. You don’t need to divert at the last minute and borrow your way into other vehicle. And you don’t need to indulge in parking problems if you have a bicycle


Save money

The price of fuel is going up and up day by day. During the recent global financial crisis, oil prices reached record highs. The government is slowly but surely increasing duty on fuel to encourage the use of more vehicles. You have to suffer some of terrible effects of fuel because you are very much on fuel.

Save money now by using bicycle instead of car whenever you can is a great idea. If you start to replace several car trips a week with bike rides, it won’t be long before your fuel bills are down. If you have a reasonable distance to get to work then you will see even greater savings when you start riding your bicycle.

Keep Car Off The Roads

One Less Car is a very positive expression of concern for our social, economic and physical environment. The earlier ‘Save money’ section covers the financial benefits to you personally of having one less car. But more than just individual wallets and purses benefit from such a decision. The cost of road infrastructure has surged hugely over the past few years which affect our economy.

Be cool

When you ride your bicycle, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going faster or slower than anyone else. It doesn’t even matter what you’re wearing. Riding a bike just has something that filled you with happiness and it gives you a style.  It inspires other people too.

Get places more quickly

On a clear road, a car can usually go at higher speeds than a bicycle, but only bicycles can go fast and easily in high traffic. Cars may go faster, but they often don’t get there quicker. Cyclists can make their way to go.

It is a great thought of a wise man “Slow and steady wins the race”. Everyone can enjoy with cycling without any stress of budget.


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