Why Parents Should Prefer Bicycles To Their Children??

Cycle is the first precious vehicle for every kid and they want it in his/her childhood. Getting a first bicycle is really very exciting for kids. Most probably, children start learning riding a bicycle at the age of between 3 or 6. The timing is depends upon your child’s physical and mental ability. Bicycle is very curious vehicle for kids.

Bike ride is a skill that comes in a whole range of benefits and for kids it’s really very beneficial. Most of us know that regular cycling contributes good physical health. There are many other reasons why we should teach our children riding a cycle instead if any other vehicle.

Here are the six reasons why kids should ride a bike:

  1. It’s pure and simply funny. Sometimes little things make us happy which no other big things can do, and riding a cycle is one of them. Cycling is fun & free activity. Once your children know how to ride, then he can enjoy with friends for life.
  2. It keeps kids physically active. In studies shown that children must engaged at least one hour for physical activity to stay healthy. So, encourage your children for riding rather than to opt for any other physical exercise.
  3. It benefits kid’s mental health and learning. Riding a bike not only improves your kid’s physical health but it also improves mental health and develops their learning power. Taking part in various physical activities like riding makes your children friendly and social.
  4. It’s something that the whole family can enjoy together. Cycling is an activity that all ages can enjoy. Grandparents to little kids every one can take part in family bike ride. It’s a great way to spend some time with your family and have fun with them.
  5. It’s good for the environment. Teaching your children to ride a cycle instead of any other means of transport is very beneficial for the environment. It eliminates traffic and parking problems, and also it decrease the pollution level in the environment.
  6. It’s a great way to get around. When your child starts older, riding a bike become a quick and healthy way for them to go to school or wandering with their friends.

In short, there so many benefits to kids from learning a bike to riding a bike.

In present time, automobile’s become the preferred mean of transportation rather bicycle became children’s toy. Parents’ play a key role regarding whether or not their child adopt cycle as their mean of transportation, so that they can easily move from busy roads. Some parents allow their children to go for outing in cars or motorbikes in small age. But it’s harmful for them because children don’t know properly how to drive or how to deal in some difficult situations, which leads them towards major accidents. Much accident’s happens because of parent’s carelessness. Schools are also contributing in road safety because they don’t allow students come on bikes or cars, they only allow cycles. Bicycles are safe and eco- friendly.


Other than that motor vehicles are harmful for our environment and cause of traffic. Many harmful gases come out of the vehicles which mix in our atmosphere and make environment polluted, and it leads towards globalization. It causes many health disease like- skin irritation, skin cancer & migraine problem. Road safety is a major concern in these days because vehicles number increasing day by day. Because of that we have to face high traffic density.

That’s why parents should preferred bicycles to their children because                                 “Nothing Compares To the Simple Pleasure Of Bike Riding”.


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