Bicycle is one of the common means of transportation and day by day its popularity increasing.
If you are going to join professional riders or in routine you are riding it’s the most important
Thing that you have to take safety tips about cycling. If a person on road there may be any misshapen like injuries, bones broken etc
Principals of bike safety
First training of bike riding:-
• First most thing is to learn how to ride from a professional bike rider so that you can get all kinds of expertise which need to doing a bike ride.
Bicycle safety equipment’s:-
• Proper dress for bike riding, helmet and shoes can prevent to any harm.
• Reflective jacket for night riding so that easily visible.
• Maintenance of your bike so that it gives you a smooth and comfortable ride.
• Helmet is most important to protect riders head.
Safety Guidelines:- Following are the things which comes to mind as safety purpose.
• Awareness of surrounding.(Beware of car doors, gutters, rough roads, Kids, Dogs)
• Obey traffic rules properly.
• Always keep left side on the road so that other speedy vehicles.
Be safe ride slow enjoy your journey with bike. Stay fit and healthy get a fittest body and refresh mind after riding a bike.


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