New Kids Bike-Champion In LA Series & Yankee In X- Bicycle Brand

LA-Sovereign going to add two new models of Yankee.It comes in orange/blue color combination which make Yankee look stylish. It’s a kid’s bike. It is design according to kids taste because kids love variety of colors and they attract towards easily.

Frame MTB Heavy Duty Frame
Fork Suspension Fork
Brake Front & Rear V-Brake
Saddle Designable Saddle
Tire Size 20×2.125
Color Orange/Blue

Above are the specifications of Yankee bike. Yankee comes under the X-Bicycle brand. It has all the qualities of good bike which every kid bike demands. Yankee has MTB heavy duty frames which provide a balance and comfort Ride. It has a suspension fork which helps to ride in any terrain. Bicycle brake gives full control over bike & it prevent from any clash. Yankee has designed saddle which give it a fine young look. It comes in 20” tires which is basically design for kids and its easy for kids to ride. It comes in two colors Neon orange/Neon blue in matt color, Now a days in demand.


Secondly, LA-Sovereign launching new bikes in LA Kids Series. This bike name is Champion. Champion comes in two different sizes one is 16” and other is 20”. Both champions are different in color also. Champion 16” color is neon yellow and 20” champion comes in blue/orange color combination.

Name Champion 16” Champion 20”
Frame Steel Frame Steel Frame
Brake Front & Rear V-Brake Front & Rear V-Brake
Stem Alloy Stem Alloy Stem
Rim Double Wall Rims Double Wall Rims
Fenders Plastic Fenders Plastic Fenders
Tire Size 16” 20”
Color Neon Yellow Blue/Orange

Above are the specifications of both champion bikes. Champions come in steel frame which give it a classic look. It’s easy to ride and it can be repaired after a crash. The stem is component which usually connects handlebar to the steerer tube of the bicycle fork and in champion we apply alloy stem. Both bikes are designed with double wall rims which increase it’s strength. Both champions have plastic fenders. Champion 16” and 20” comes in two different color and pattern which look pleasing to the eyes of kids.

So, if you are interested to buy above mentioned bikes you can visit to our franchises stores name Bike Studio which is pretty close to you. Above bikes are available in our stores and our stores are Amravati, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ludhiana.


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