Lose weight by cycling: How Fat to fit with cycling

Lose weight by cycling: How Fat to fit with cycling

If you are planning to lose weight then cycling is the best way to reduce body weight. So many ways or reasons to lose weight. If you having excess fat, or you want to improve your health such as heart disease or diabetes then  cycling is a great exercise. Cycling is one of the socialize, Like to riding a bicycle with your friends on weekends, It allows you to see new sights. Losing weight can improve your confidence and performance. It needs hard work, determination, confidence, self improvement.

 Lose weight by cycling

You have decided to reduce weight by cycling, but how you can start?

You have 3 options with friends, alone, cycling group. If you want to ride in a group then Bike Studio Club is an option for you.


Every Sunday bike studio group organize a bike ride and anyone can join a bike ride group, you just need a bike with you. Ride starting and ending point bike studio Ludhiana showroom, it starts from 7:00am to 8:00 am approx one hour ride. Every ride route map will be uploaded one day before every ride on our facebook page for more info checks our face book page here.

Ways to reduce your weight by cycling

  1. Spend Time on Bike:- If you are willing to weight loss spend more time to your bike. Simple fact of weight loss is consuming more calories than you consume.  Per hour cycling approximately burn 500-600 calories
  2. Biking is not all about:- If you burn thousand calories in a week and consume more then there is no effect so weight loss is impossible in that case . Make a habit to eat more protein with every meal.
  3. Fuel Ride:- Make you energy level or boost your energy level. If you cut your calories intake then it’s important to give energy to your body it will work like a fuel while cycling.
  4. Long Ride:- One more beneficial thing if you want more calories burn then take a long ride. Its will increase your body ability to burn more calories.

Do you want to join our Bike Studio Group fill given below Form:-


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