How To Shift Gears In Different Terrain?

The key point to use your bicycle effectively, is that you must have sufficient knowledge about gears. While riding, riders use top gear. Riders used to apply big cog at the front and small cog at the back because of that rider expend lot of energy. On the other hand other riders used low gear and pedaling curiously and not getting so far. If a rider has a fine knowledge of right combination of gears then it’s very easy to ride a bike comfortably. With it, a rider can utilize energy and get more advantages.


Bike Studio showroom:- A rider can get the training from our Bike Studio showroom to learn different combination of gears. Every sunday  Bike Studio organize a bike ride event. Any one can join ride. Before the ride starts a warm up and cooling up session has been held for riders by our technical experts.

Functioning of shifters

Left thumb shifter- It controls the front derailleur which guides chainrings near your pedals and also provide right combination of gears in large jumps.

Right thumb shifter- It controls the back derailleur which guides the chain over the back cogs where you can fine tune your gearing.
The best way to get grips, firstly a rider should ride on empty roads or grounds and then for more experiment rider should switch to some busy roads.


How to use gears/know about right gears?

Your bike will definitely work on any front and rear gears combination but if you know about the uses of right combination will gives you comfort.
Here are the three choices of combination will make your ride smooth.

  1. Low Gear- This is the first gear, with it you can climb hills. Switch to this gear for smooth and comfortable ride on ups and downs roads.
  2. Middle Gear- This is the best gear for riding on flat roads because you want some resistance not too much.
  3. High Gear- This gear is great while riding down hill. With it you can ride a long way easily.

Correct gear combinations

Some combinations are clunky and make your bike to slip, so you must avoid these combinations.

  1. large Chainring- This is called “crossing the chain”. By using the large chainring at the front and the small cog at back. It may cause you chain to slip and not to fix properly
  2. Small Chainring- In this chain crossing small chainring and the small cog at the front. It also causes the slip of chain and stretch and damages your bike chain over the time.

Above mentioned both the combinations, the rider must shift to a large chainring and use right combination of gears in the middle of chain-set


Measure and efficiency when changing gears on bike

Talking about the measure of right gear combination, the rider must keep on experimenting with shifting gears on roads, hills, mountains and terrains and it will help you to make your cycling efficient.
While using high gear in riding, body muscles stressed. No doubt, it will get you  where you want to go quickly but it consumes more energy and make you feel low whole day.
On the other hand using low gear it consumes less energy at you will help the rider to go longer. So its good to switch to the low gear combination for  simple and smooth bike ride. For each ride you must always remember  that you should use your energy wisely.


Tips for finding the right gear for your cycling

A good way to understand you rhythm and get right combination of  gears for your bike is to keep practicing with different gear combinations. This will help you to understand the right gear for your riding. It’s also worth to keep experimenting on different paths and workout what feels natural to you. The same goes for climbs, find a fine hill and ride with different gear combination and see which will get you up with less amount of energy. A rider can climb easily but to keep your interest in riding you must try various ways gear combination for amusement. For rider it is really very important to decide the perfect gear combination for ride to reach his destination quickly.


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