To look Young, Stay Fit, Good Health, Save Wealth- Keep Cycling

In ancient time, when vehicles are not invented properly people used cycle. At that time so many people ride cycles every day in their routine life. Cycling is low impact exercise that can be enjoyed by all ages. It is fun, cheap and good for the environment.

Cycling is the best physical exercise for all mankind. Now days everything is automatic. It is a generation of science where there are so many inventions or resources to make life easy. No one like to do hard work. Today most of the people are dependent on machines and they done most of their work on machines. They don’t like to do anything with their own hands. They want everything ready made but because of this habit they have to face many difficulties in life. They have to suffer from severe diseases. They don’t know the power of working with own hands rather than dependent on machines.

To be fit and healthy lifestyle you need to be physically fit. Regular physical activity helps you to protect from serious disease like- heart diseases, mental illness, Bones Health. Especially Kids like to learn bike and start their journey of life with cycling after some time when they start going to school they are going to school on bike. When they are in young age they like to ride for fitness purpose & it’s a best way to get fit so they do regular cycling it boost their stamina and improve their physical ability to work.

 It’s a cheapest vehicle for all class from poorer to richer everyone can afford. It also control poverty because cycle runs on fat and save money while cars run on wealth and waste of money. It’s good to ride to save money and for good health also. We always seen there are so many miss happening because of speed so cycle is also control ratio of accidents.

One more benefit in India is the most powerful country to export cycle parts if we manufacture bicycle and production is much and sale must be boost so it’s one of the benefit from bicycle.

The health benefits of regular cycling are-

  1. Increased muscle strength
  2. Increased brain power
  3. Makes you flexible
  4. Beat Illness
  5. Make you look younger
  6. Helps to lose weight
  7. Makes you heart strong
  8. Good for Environment
  9. Strengthened your bones
  10. It will make you happy


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