Popular Imported Fat Bike Series – One Of Bike Studio’s Brand LA-Sovereign

Popular Imported Fat Bike Series – One Of Bike Studio‘s  Brand LA-Sovereign. Bike Studio is a complete franchise store of LA-Sovereign. We have many stores in all over India our current stores are Amravati, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ludhiana and very soon going to open in Delhi, Jodhpur, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune.

A fat bike is also called a fat tire bike because it has over sized tires and larger rims which are designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on unstable road such as snow, sand and mud. Fat bikes are built with wide forks and prevent help those wide rims to fit in these tires. The wide tires allow us for smooth ride in rough path. Fat bikes were invented for use on snow and sandy path but they are capable in different terrain types such as mud, snow, sand, and desert. In some states fat bikes are dedicated for winter track. As the popularity of fat bike increases day by day specific events such as races, race series have emerged. Fat bikes are heavier than any another general bike.

LA-Sovereign has many bicycle categories and Fat Bike is one of them. In fat bike series here comes three type of bikes like Rambo, Rambler and Extreme Terrain. They are usually design with over sized tires and soft colors. Fat bikes are available in three different tire sizes such as 26X4, 26X3 and 20X3.

Brief description of fat bike series

1. Rambler Fat Bike

In fat bike series Rambler comes first which is made of steel frame. It is a single speed bike which has rear v- brake and front disc C-star which rarely used in other fat bikes. Rambler has BMX steel rigid fork. This bike is usually made for kids and easy to carry because its tire size is 20X3. It is available in very decent color which is Grey and it also have MTB saddle and glossy black handle bar.


Available frame size- 11”
Tire size- 20X3
Number of gears- single speed

2. Rambo Fat Bike

Second is Rambo in fat bike series which is made of aluminum frame. It has suspension fork which provide a comfortable and hassle free ride in rough path. It has shimano cassette and easy fire shifters. Rambo has front and rear disc brake and adjustable saddle. This fat bike is available in 26X3 tire size. It is available in grey /red combination which attracts  youth. Rambler is over-sized off road bike with 21 gears, it has alloy stem and alloy adjustable handle bar which is coated with rust preventive chemical.

Available frame size-19″                                                                                                                               Tire size- 26X3
Weight- 11 KG
Number of gears-21

3. Extreme Terrain Fat Bike

Last most popular is Extreme Terrain with aluminum frame. It has front and rear disc brake and also have rigid fork. It has double wall rims with 7 gears. Extreme terrain has alloy  pedal. It has MTB saddle and tds-50 shifters. It is available in two color combination which is grey/red & grey/blue and it has great components and grippe tires which helps to play with the speed on the rocks.


Available frame size-17”
Tire size- 26X4
Weight- 16 KG
Number of gears- 7

“Four wheels move the BODY but two wheels move the SOUL”


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