Best way to Reduce your belly fat within few week by Aerobics & Cycling

Exercise Aerobics & weight which increase your intensity to reduce fat


1. If you want to reduce your overweight so it has to be needed to start exercise aerobics and weight training. Do stresses too much just relax your body every evening; Stress is playing a very vital role to make a person fat. Aerobics is the mostly used exercise to burn out extra fat out of the body.

2 (12).jpg
Bike Studio

Weight training is best for obese person so weight training & aerobics should both do to get best results.

Cycling is the most common practice & 100% working to reduce fat so soon

2.To reduce belly fat cycling is one of the extreme practice which gives you the mind blowing results within few weeks.  Cycling aerobic nature means you can easily burn fat with regular exercise. The lower intensive training burns much amount of fat as compare to High intensities.

3.Take a full rest at night so that you can get your full night sleep. Its also important to recover post exercise & to prevent injury.  If you take your dinner at night so it can harm your body because of more calories holds into your body.


4.Eat Right Food It’s a simple funda to reduce your weight just take less calories than you burn.  More calories deficit, is greater the fat loss. Be carefully to adjusting your diet take a full carbohydrates diet with whole grain items & lean protein, Avoid eating cheese, butter and sugary items.  Low Fat diet so there are lots of foods which has calories converts into fat after digestion.



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