With rising pollution and exercise becoming nominal part of most people’s lives today. we’ve all been gripped by issues of the environment and health. In view of this trend, people have headed towards cycling as an answer. Cycling is the single best way to stay fit,
and at the same time contribute to keeping the environment clean.
Keeping this message of fitness and environment in mind Bhopal Bike Studio at Metro Plaza E-5 Area Colony, Opened on sunday by Retd IAS Officer Satya Prakash, Who is also a an cycling affcionado. Satya Prakash, supporting bicycle riding said,”The level of traffic on our roads is a big problem. I have run the green planet bicycle riders association now for ten years and have organised the Friday car free days. I bicycle twice a week to work. It is a recreation and a medium of adventure for many people, but is also good for commute, fitness and the environment”.
The franchise store of LA Sovereign aims to take cycling to another level and promote awareness about environmental protection and fitness.



Bike studio

offers range of MTBs, BMXs and road bikes. The store is the first to open in the Madhya pradesh and has bikes for all types of cycling preferences. The
range is huge, starting from 3-4 thousand and going up to 4 lakhs. Customers will also be able to take advantage of superb manufacturing of kids cycles and road bikes.
Bike studio will be and all-solutions store for its customers. They offer and impressive range of accessories and spares. They also plan to organise events to promote cycling & envornmental

Extreme Terrain:- 24000 RS Price

Tyre size 26″ x 4 Inch
weight 13 Killos
Aluminium Frame 7 speed cycle dual disc brake


Eco sport Fit Series
Price 18000 Rs
Tyre size 27.5 inch x 2inch
weight 12.3 killos
light aluminium frame, suspension disc break 21 speed gear


Feedback by Mr Varun Awasthi & Mr Nitin Ghai on Bike Studio launch, Bhopal


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