Surroundings by bicycle, Bicycle Ride PAU, South City

Get on your bike to discover and its heritage! On Sunday, August 21, the city of Punjab offers cycling output. This guided walk in groups, cycling, will be the opportunity to Ride the Bike Studio Ludhiana Group to Pakhowal Road, through the Ferozepur Road and PAU  its a 22km ride of South City.

Everyone enjoyed a lot any sport specially cycling in the morning refreshing you and give you a Freshness. The best exercise ever If you looking after fitness so its the best practice ever seen. So you can get a regular exercise in the morning and can get a fittest  body after some time.

Its a physical activity which works with your legs and burn your extra fat. So its a vehicle which burns fat give you a good body.

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So here at bike studio Ludhiana we organize Bike Ride Event on Every Sunday. where everyone is welcome its open to all any one can join our Group of Cyclists. we target every route of Ludhiana under the range of 22 km in the city. so if you are fitness lover and interested to join us so we welcome you all.

Its health, wealth, and wise idea. Give us a Good body, Burn our extra fat, No pollution for good for Humans, Plant Trees, Ride Bike these all are good habits so everyone should do these good things in their life.

Bike Studio Ludhiana


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