Bikes Under 10000 Price Range in India

Cycling in the morning is the best exercise for health. Any one can easily afford a bicycle and can ride daily in the morning to live a healthy life. Its the best mantra for the life stay fit and healthy.

Exercise in routine is a good practice toward a healthy life stay fit and young with. so sovereign is the bicycle name from last few decades in Indian market which gives you shining and stunning models of Imported bikes. Now bike studio is the showroom for all bikes brands like x-bicycle, la-sovereign, Infinite.


Where quality matters best in industry.  Are you like to ride a bike if yes just visit our bike studio shop to check our selection of bikes from low to higher range of bicycles. Pick anyone from all models and styles. Best part of our cycle is its quality, durability, look, price.

we have a so many choices under 10000 under 20000 to 3 lac. so its up to you what are you looking for and what is your budget. Every range is available at our store.  Latest colors and designs with hi-tensile frame in different sizes.

X Bicycle GOLEME



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