Road Bike Road Bicycles India

Basically road bikes are meant for travelling at speed on paved roads called racing bicycles. A bicycle with style and built more endurance with less fast bursts
of speed for desired racing bikes with combination of gear results a hi tech racing bike. A bike continuation body describe felling ti gives you to ride.
If you compare racing cycles with other cycles so these are common features
1. Narrow tires, and smooth rolling resistance.
2. Gears and single speed variants.
3. A light weight bicycle.

Variety of road bikes are available.
1. Flat Bike:- Its a new style of bike for fitness purpose. Normally its joined with MTB- Style
handlebar flat break levers. A fast bike with more upright position.
2. Touring Bicycle:- Comfortable carrying heavy loads.
3. Utility Bicycle:- Traditional bikes for shopping and running in towns.
4. Hybrid Bicycle:- Built for a variety of recreational utility purpose.


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